About Original King Clothing

The Original King Clothing brand is about consciousness and raising awareness in these days, For those who have eyes let them see. InI mission is to “educate through the views of fashion, for this is “A Conscious Line, For The Conscious Mind, In A’ Conscious Time™”

Original King Clothing™ was established in 2004 and in 2005 is when the first production took place. Original King has been on a majority of social networks scene dating back to the early 2000’s; However it was the most popular ones as FacebookTwitter and Instagram that allowed  OKC to expand.

Some of the very first celebrities / artists to support Original King Clothing where Mikey General Jah Thunder, Studio One Recording artist from the Legendary Michigan and Smiley, General Smiley.  Today that list has grown to such a large range of support from Mr. Lexx, Ras Attitude, Winstrong, Luciano, Anthony B, Perfect Giddimani, Jamaican TV Personality and Artist Sanjay and more.  Some designs have been showcased on National TV on programs such as Intense and Magnum King and Queens.  Various music videos that also promote the brand have been seen by viewers worldwide.

 Reggae music is a international language, and Original King is a international message spread through the prints of our garments. Those who have eyes let them see the brand.  Regardless of your tongue, class, color or creed you’re still an Original!!! Jah soldiers gear up!